Tunisia, with love.

Well hello there!

I just got back from Tunis, Tunisia and I’ve got to say it was the best weekend trip I have ever taken. The people were unbelievably generous and friendly, the food was phenomenal and the weather was perfect. All in all, it was an amazing trip!

Tunisia Tunisia Tunisia Tunisia Tunisia



Tunisia Tunisia Tunisia Tunisia Tunisia Tunisia Marsa Tunis Tunisia Tunisia Tunisia Tunisia Sidi Bou Said Tunisia Tunisia Tunisia Tunisia Tunisia

In other news, I will be in Paris for three weeks at the beginning of April!! I suppose this means Fox in Paris will be live again quite soon!! In other news, I’d love to throw together another Perch Magazine (with a new and improved design from the last one). If you are interested in teaming up on this with me, please let me know.




Running in Sunny London

There are two things in this world that relieve my stress above all else (well, technically there are three  but I’m keeping this post G rated) – Writing and Running. Since moving to London, my writing has fallen by the wayside because of classwork, but I’ve been able to run much more than I ever did in Paris. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t prefer Paris to London (apparently I’m one of the few….there are loads of Paris haters here and most of them are French), but Paris can’t hold a candle to the number of runnable parks in London. What’s more is that London has a way of sharing the sunlight when you need it most. Yes, it’s a rainy dreary city – but I see the sun at least once per day. That’s way more than I had anticipated. I suppose low expectations are the secret to life. For the last three months, it’s worked quite well for me. ;)

I owe my mom some pics – so here you are. :)

london london london

I wish I could say this is what I look at on a daily basis. In reality, my view is a bit more like the next two photos….



And….we’re back!

Wowzas! The past two months have been wild. If you’ve only been coming here to get your weekly dose of “think about it Tuesday” videos, I’m sorry to burst your bubble because I intend to add a bit of content.

I’ll just get the yucky stuff out of the way: “Le Boyfriend” is no more, and I’m living the single life  and working on a Master’s degree in London. So get ready folks, things are going to get a bit wild!

Okay…not that wild, because I have to get a job in the next year and we all know those employers are going to come looking at this blog.

So votes needed: Do I change the title of the blog or stick with it for the long haul?

Oh, and what happened to Perch? It will be back some day….I loved creating it but breakups are yucky things and I’m sure you can understand that things got complicated. ALSO, I finally got a new computer….so I’ll be able to start working on the next issue very soon.

What else? Photos of London to come very soon!